Singapore Work Permit Renewal Services

Navigating the complexities of work permit renewals in Singapore is crucial for maintaining operational continuity. At WORKPASS PTE LTD, we specialize in providing comprehensive Work Permit Renewal services designed to simplify the process for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team ensures timely submissions, compliance with regulatory requirements, and proactive support to minimize any potential disruptions.

With WORKPASS PTE LTD, you can rely on:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Singapore’s regulatory landscape and work permit renewal procedures.

Efficient Processes: Streamline your WP renewal process with our efficient and structured approach, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Compliance Assurance: Rest assured knowing that your workforce remains compliant with all applicable regulations throughout the renewal process.

Dedicated Support: Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized assistance and resolving any queries promptly.

Work Permit Renewal Fee

Malaysian / Non-Malaysian
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  • Inclusive Of MOM Cost
  • Inclusive Security Bond And Medical Insurance Cost - Non-Malaysian
  • WP Online filing of Work Permit Renewal
  • Tracking Work Permit renewal status while under processing
  • Liaising with direct MOM officer in charge, if required
  • Responding to MOM’s requests for additional information, if any
  • Arranging for issuance of the Work Permit upon in-principle approval (IPA)

Renew Work Permit - FAQ

WorkPass Pte Ltd – Your Appointed MOM Licensed Employment Agent (EA)

Renewal Timing: It’s advisable to renew the Work Permit 7 to 12 weeks before its expiry to avoid overstaying fines.

Travel Plans: If your worker plans to travel overseas shortly before the Work Permit expires, ensure to renew it before they leave Singapore.

MOM costs $35 per work permit renewal.

The result is immediate.

If you renew the Work Permit after its expiry, you remain responsible for paying the levy. Additional penalties, such as levy fines or overstaying fees, may apply if applicable.

If you are unable to renew the Work Permit on time, you can apply for an extension.

For work permit renewal, you will need the following documents and information:

1) Scanned copy of the personal particulars page of the worker’s passport (including pages that have amendments)

  • Check that the worker’s passport has enough validity to cover the intended period of employment. To get a 2-year Work Permit, the passport needs to be valid for at least 25 months.

2) Security bond (for non-Malaysian workers)

  • Get a new security bond and complete the Security Bond Form.
  • The bank or insurance company must send us the new security bond details before you renew the permit.
  • The effective date of the security bond can be post-dated up to 1 day after the expiry date of the existing Work Permit.

3) Medical insurance

  • Extend your worker’s existing medical insurance or get a new policy.
  • You can buy the medical insurance from the same bank or insurance company where you buy the security bond.

4) Work Permit renewal notice and application form

  • Print this form in WP Online.

Details for card delivery (only if the notification letter states that the worker will be getting a new card)

You will need:

  • An address (home or office) where the card will be delivered.
  • The names, NRIC, FIN or passport numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses of up to 3 authorised recipients to receive the card.

We renew the Work Permit online.

To renew work permit:

  1. Register the worker’s residential address and mobile number using the Online Foreign Workers Address Service (OFWAS) – at least an hour before renewing the pass online.
  2. Submit the application via WP Online and upload the required documents. You may be asked to upload more or fewer documents during online renewal depending on what we have entered.

Work permits are typically valid for two years. It may, however, be shorter depending on:

  • The worker’s passport has expired. If it expires in less than two years, it will be valid until one month before the expiry date.
  • The security bond’s validity. If the duration is less than 26 months, it is extended until two months before the security bond expires.
  • The validity of the prior approval (if applicable).
  • The maximum period of employment for your employees (refer to the Work Permit requirements for your sector).

Before renewing the Work Permit, you should renew your worker’s passport and security bond to get the full 2-year duration. Passport renewal requirements may be imposed by embassies.

Print and check the notification letter to see:

Getting a new card.Must be returned according to instructions given in the notification letter.
Continue using the existing card.

Must be kept by the worker.

Note: If you return it when you don’t need to, you have to pay $60 to replace the pass.

The notification letter:

  • Is valid for 1 month from the date of issue. Request to extend the validity if you have a change of travel plans.
  • Should be given to the worker. It allows the worker to travel in and out of Singapore while waiting for the Work Permit card.

Once the Work Permit is cancelled, please cut the card in half and discard it to prevent misuse.