Work passes of four revoked for breaching SHN rules

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Four more foreigners have had their work passes revoked for breaching stay-home notice (SHN) requirements in the past three months, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said yesterday.

They left their places of residence without valid reasons and without seeking MOM’s permission during their SHN period.

Among the four, three are work permit holders and one is an S-Pass holder, the ministry said.

Two of the four, who left their SHN residences, were detected by the MOM-issued smartwatch. The device alerts MOM if its wearer leaves his place of residence.

Once a worker clears immigration, officers tag him with it and make sure it is functional, after which the device is locked and cannot be removed until the SHN period ends. It uses GPS and 4G technology, and can technically track the wearer’s specific location.

Any attempt to tamper with the smartwatch or remove it will trigger an alert to the authorities.

The other two foreign workers stayed at dedicated facilities during their SHN and were not required to wear the smartwatch. They were reported by a member of the public and an employer.

Since May 1, MOM has revoked 44 work passes for breach of SHN requirements.

In June, six people were fined for breaching circuit breaker measures at Robertson Quay in May, and had their work passes revoked.

MOM reminded all work pass holders and their employers to comply with the quarantine order or SHN requirements.

Those who fail to do so, including persons who tamper with and/or remove the electronic monitoring device during the quarantine or SHN period will be liable to prosecution under the Infectious Diseases (Covid-19 – Stay Orders) Regulations 2020.

The ministry added that it will continue to take enforcement action against work pass holders who do not comply with the requirements, including revoking work passes.


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