Work Permit Cancellation Fee

Per Cancellation

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  • WP Online filing of (Work Permit Cancellation)

Cancel Work Permit

If your worker no longer works for you or the Work Permit expires, you must (cancel work permit). To avoid misuse, please cut the Work Permit card in half and discard it once it has been cancelled.

Please submit this request within 1 week before their Special Pass expires. E.g. If the Special Pass expires on 10 February, please only submit the request from 3 February.

Cancelling Work Permit Procedure

You must cancel work permit depending on which comes first:

Within one week of the notice’s expiration date.
Alternatively, one day after the Work Permit expires.

Employer or Appointed licensed employment agent (EA) can cancel work permit.

Within three working days

One day before work permit cancellation.

If your worker has left Singapore and will not be returning to work for you, you must cancel the Work Permit within one week of their departure date.

You need to:

  1. Seek tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).
  2. Settle all outstanding employment issues, such as paying of salary.
  3. Ensure that your worker has a valid passport.
  4. Buy a direct air ticket to the international airport in the worker’s home country, nearest to the hometown:
    • You must pay for the air ticket and it must include check-in luggage.
    • The departure date must be within 2 weeks from the cancellation.

If there are no direct flights, you and your worker should discuss and agree on the following, before buying the air ticket:

  • The transit arrangement, such as connecting flights and layover hours.
  • The amount of allowance to sustain your worker during the transit.

For an overview of scheduled flights, you can visit Changi Airport’s website or use the iChangi mobile app. Please check with the airlines directly to confirm if the flights are still operating.

The worker still in Singapore

  1. WP Online and cancel the Work Permit.
  2. Print the Special Pass. The Special Pass allows the worker to stay in Singapore before leaving.
  3. Give the Special Pass to the worker. They need to show the Special Pass and valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

If you need the worker to work only for a short period beyond the Work Permit expiry date, you can request a short extension of the permit.

You must ensure the worker leaves as scheduled. For non-Malaysians, the security bond will usually be discharged 1 week after the worker’s departure, and other conditions are met.

The worker has left Singapore

To cancel the Work Permit:

  1. WP Online and cancel the Work Permit.
  2. Choose the cancellation reason “Worker has already left Singapore”.

The security bond will be discharged within 2 weeks after we have verified that the worker has left Singapore.

Once the Work Permit is canceled, the worker cannot work, even while waiting to leave Singapore.

Levy will be charged until 1 day before work permit cancellation.

You must return the original Work Permit card within one week of the cancellation date by mailing it to

Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.

You can use WP Online’s “card return” function to inform MOM of your inability to return the card.