Singapore Employment Pass Renewal Services Include:

  1. Assistance in completing the self-assessment tools with MOM
  2. EP Online filing of (Employment Pass Renewal)
  3. Pre-renewal advising on Employment Pass (EP) and gathering of the necessary information
  4. Tracking EP renewal status while under processing
  5. Liaise with Direct MOM officer in charge when necessary
  6. Responding to MOM’s request for additional information as necessary
  7. Arranging for issuance of Employment Pass upon in-principle approval ‘IPA’
  8. Filing of unlimited appeal in case of rejection of EP application

Renew Employment Pass For Foreign Talents

You can apply to (Renew Employment Pass) if you want the pass holder to continue working for you.

Pass holders can only do their medical examinations for renewals in Phase 2 (Safe Transition period). MOM will email eligible employers what they need to do to renew passes expiring from 6 June 2020 to 15 July 2020. Please look out for MOM email. For pass holders who do not need to do a medical examination for employment pass renewal, you can proceed to get their passes issued.

When to renew:

You can apply to renew an Employment Pass up to 6 months before the pass expires. You must apply before the expiry date.

Check when you can start renewing. For Employment Pass (sponsorship): you can start applying to renew when you get the renewal forms by post, 3 months before the pass expires. Your application needs to reach us at least 2 months before the pass expires.

Who can renew:

Employer or appointed employment agency (EA).

What is the duration of the renewed pass:

Up to 3 years.

Note: If the passport is valid for less than 3 years, the duration granted will only be up to 1 month before the expiry date of the passport.

How much it costs:

MOM Cost $225 for each pass

MOM Cost $30 for each Multiple Journey visa (if applicable)

Note: From 1 April 2019, MOM adjusted the application and issuance/renewal fees for Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, and other passes.

How long it takes:

Renew using EP Online: within 3 weeks for most cases.
Renew by post (for EP sponsorship cases only): within 8 weeks for most cases.


  • Renewals are not guaranteed. Applications will be evaluated against current eligibility criteria.
  • Remember to apply for renewal early. Renewing early does not mean that you’ll lose the remaining days in your current pass. The duration of the renewed pass will start when the current pass expires.
  • If you miss the deadline, you need to apply for a new Employment Pass.
  • You’ll have to apply for renewal using the renewal forms for Employment Pass (sponsorship) holders.

Log in to EP Online to apply for renewal.

For EP (Sponsorship)

To renew EP (sponsorship):

  1. Complete the renewal form.
  2. Gather all supporting documents mentioned in the form.
  3. Post the completed form and supporting documents to:
    Work Pass Division
    Ministry of Manpower
    18 Havelock Road
    Singapore 059764.
  4. The outcome will be emailed to the contact person indicated in the application.

You can apply to renew 6 months (180 days) before the pass expires.

If your renewal is successful, you:

  1. Will get an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. It is valid for 3 months.
  2. Must follow the instructions in the IPA to get the pass issued.

You must get the pass issued before the IPA or current pass expires, whichever occurs first. The duration of the renewed pass will start when the current pass expires.

After the pass is issued, check the notification letter to see:

If the notification letter statesThe existing card
Getting a new card.Must be returned according to instructions given in the notification letter.
Continue using the existing card.

Must be kept by the pass holder.

Note: If you return it when you don’t need to, you have to pay $60 to replace the pass.

If you need to return the card to MOM, you can post it to Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764. You can use EP Online’s “card return” function to tell us why you are unable to return the card.