New rules to improve foreign worker transport safety

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New rules to improve safety for foreign workers who are ferried in lorries will kick in from Jan 1, 2023, with rain covers a must-have for the vehicle.

If the driver happens to be a worker too, he must get at least a half hour of rest before he sends the other workers back to their dormitories.

But a related measure announced in March to install speed-management devices on these lorries has continued to stall, with Traffic Police consultations still ongoing.

These moves, announced by the authorities on Wednesday, provide a clearer time frame and more details for measures that Senior Minister of State for Transport Amy Khor had set out in Parliament in March.

During a visit to a construction site in Kranji on Wednesday, Dr Khor said the new measures are “practical and effective and can be readily and widely implemented on the ground”.

However, foreign worker groups said the moves do not address the core issue that transporting workers on lorries is unsafe.


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