From 27 Apr 2023, non-fully vaccinated workers will not be issued a Work Permit

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From 27 Apr 2023, all Work Permit holders (including those transferring employers) must be fully vaccinated and get their vaccination records updated in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) before getting their Work Permits issued via the Work Permit Online (WPOL).

To avoid delays in getting their Work Permits issued, the workers should complete the full vaccination regime (including booster if required) before entering Singapore. Upon arriving in Singapore:

a) Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in Construction, Marine shipyard or Process (CMP) sector

    1. Non-Malaysian CMP workers will undergo verification of their overseas vaccination, using their digitally-verifiable vaccination certificates (DVCs) or by taking a serology test, at the 

Onboard Centre

    1. . They will be given the first dose of vaccination if their serology result is negative, or a booster dose if they have completed their primary vaccination series and are eligible for a booster. If your worker received his first dose of vaccination at the Onboard Centre, they must complete the full vaccination regime (including booster) before they can get the Work Permit issued.

b) Other Work Permit holders

    1. Workers who were vaccinated overseas must visit a Singapore clinic upon arrival to verify their 

overseas vaccination

    1. , using their DVCs or by taking a serology test. This can be done when the workers are taking their pre-employment medical examination. Please check with the clinic if they offer the vaccination verification services, and the workers must bring along their overseas vaccination documentation on the day of the visit. Partially or unvaccinated workers must complete their vaccination at any one of the 

vaccination locations

    1.  before getting their Work Permits issued.

c) Work Permit Holders who are medically ineligible for COVID-19 vaccination

    1. You need to send your worker to a Singapore-registered doctor to review their exemption. If the doctor does not exempt them, they are required to get fully vaccinated within 30 days from the date of diagnosis.

Check Vaccination Status in HealthHub

Vaccinations received in Singapore (including at the Onboard Centre) will be automatically updated in the workers’ HealthHub app within 3 days.

Overseas vaccination verified at local clinics are updated into NIR and reflected in HealthHub app within 3 days. Otherwise, please check with the clinic that performed the verification for the worker.

Additional extensions of stay for workers who need more time to complete vaccination

If more time is needed for the workers vaccination records to be accepted in the NIR:

  • [For non-Malaysian workers] Log in to WP Online to extend their in-principle approval (IPA) and legal stay in Singapore.
  • [For Malaysian workers] Log in to WP Online to extend their IPA.

If the workers are still not fully vaccinated within the extended stay granted by us, they will not be issued a Work Permit and you must then send them home.


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