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Foreign Worker Agency – Source of countries or regions

You can employ work permit foreign workers from these countries or regions,

  • Malaysia, Malaysian Worker
  • People’s Republic of China (PRC) China Worker
  • North Asian sources (NAS):
    • Hong Kong Workers (HKSAR passport)
    • Macau Worker
    • South Korea, Korean Worker
    • Taiwan, Taiwanese Worker
  • *Non-traditional sources (NTS):
    • India, Indian Worker
    • Sri Lanka Worker
    • Thailand Worker
    • Bangladesh Worker
    • Myanmar Worker
    • Philippines Worker

*Please refer to each sector eligibility

Work Pass Foreign Workers 

There are many reasons why you want to hire a work pass foreign worker. Given the size of Singapore’s talent pool, looking abroad appears to be the easy fix. But only at first glance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover Singapore’s foreign manpower policies and fair hiring of foreign workers guidelines to the Service sector, Manufacturing sector, Construction Sector, Marine shipyard, and Process sector.

The foreign worker are from Malaysian, People’s Republic Of China ‘PRC’, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippine, Taiwan, South Korean, ‘Bangladesh & India workers in Singapore.

Many foreigners have unique talents, knowledge, and skills that would be useful for a growing business—especially in Singapore, where businesses are expected to face a 1.09 million labour deficit by 2030.

According to the Singapore Business Review, the size of Singapore’s financial and business services sector could reach US$29.2 billion by 2030. But that talent crunch could cause up to 25% of this potential to remain unrealized. Finding the right talent is going to be a challenge for many companies in the upcoming years.

The employment of all foreigners in Singapore is governed by the Employment of Foreigners Act (EFMA). In addition, some Singapore employment laws also apply to foreigners regardless of contract terms. This includes compensation for work-related injuries, maternity leave allowances, and parental leave.

All foreign workers need to obtain a work pass issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before starting to work for an employer in Singapore. These work visas can be work permits, S passes or employment passes (EP). Work permits (WP) are issued to workers with basic skills in the approved country of origin, depending on which industry the worker will work. S Pass is a level above WP and is awarded to intermediate skilled foreigners such as technicians.

Many Singaporean companies are looking outside of the country to find the talent they need. But the Singaporean government wants to support its own citizens. To that end, they’ve designed laws and regulations designed to promote local hires where possible.

National guidelines and requirements, like those found in the Fair Considerations Framework, are crucial to protect the livelihoods of Singapore’s diverse workforce. But they also make it a tad more difficult for Singaporean companies to hire foreigners.

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Understand what the industries require. Below are the industries most employment, recruitment agency in Singapore are specialized in:

  • Advertising / Media / Communication / PR / Marketing research
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Architecture / Building & Construction worker / Infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Banking / Financial Services / Insurance / Risk Management
  • Business & Professional Services / Audit & Accounting / Legal
  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Commodities & Food / Process Automation / Wood & Paper
  • Education / Training Services
  • Electrical & Electronics / Semiconductor
  • Energy / Utilities / Environmental
  • FMCG / Retail / Leisure & Recreation / Entertainment / Sports
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Heavy Industry / Shipbuilding
  • Hotel / Travel / Tourism / Food & Beverage
  • Information Technology / Telecommunication / eCommerce
  • Logistics & Supply Chain / Transportation / Shipping
  • Manufacturing & Production / Precision Engineering
  • Oil & Gas / Offshore Marine
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Equipment / Life Science / Biotech
  • Property Developer & Real Estate Management / Facilities Management